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Is there a map of the route? Course/Route map will be available here soon.


Are there any bells or announcements signaling the start of a new lap?

Yes, there will be a 5 minute verbal warning over the loud speaker and also a LOUD ALARM to signal the start of another lap at the top of each hour. 


Can you leave the route to use the bathroom?

Yes, you may leave the course to use the restroom in the woods/pasture but you must return to the course at the same spot you left it. 


Are pacers allowed?

Yes, pacers are allowed.


Are there tables for our own personal food?

There will be community chow tables set up for eating. You will need somewhere to store your food when you are not eating or preparing it. 


Will any water/food be provided?

Yes, we will provide water, Nuun for hydration, and food… PB&J - Bananas - Pickles - Chips - ETC… We also recommend bringing any personal fuel or hydration that you count on for your own endurance efforts. 


What does registration fee include?

Your registration fee includes fuel and hydration stations, insurance, a race participation shirt, a shot at 100 mile glory and an EPIC medal to take home and show off. It also covers the cost of timing and chipping, photographers

(free race photos), and videographers. A bunch of other essential stuff I’m sure I forgot to mention will also be included.

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