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There is also a TEAM option for teams of 2 to 6 people depending on the distance you choose.

50k - 8 laps 2 person relay 
50 miler - 12 laps or 2 to 3 person relay
100k - 16 laps 2 to 4 person relay
100 miler - 24 laps 2 to 6 person relay 


COED teams are alright too. 

Each team runner must run a minimum of 4 loops.

If a team runner starts a loop, that runner must finish that loop. 

Your team can run the loops in any order your team chooses. You can run your loops back to back, all at once or stagger them with each other. That's your call. 

If a runner fails to complete the loop within the hour they started, the team will get a DNF. 

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